Seniors live a healthy life

The group of seniors from Gugulethu and surrounding areas.

Seniors from Gugulethu and surrounds, who get together to exercise regularly, are seeing the benefits this has for their health.

Each day they get together, warm up with some exercise and even do swimming on Wednesdays.

The elders emphasised their plan to keep fit as well as their aim to uplift and educate each other through their seniors’ clubs.

And while not everyone enjoys the water, the seniors’ swimming coach always has something to say to cheer them up and get them into the water.

Yudi Kali, who is the seniors’ organiser from Gugulethu, commended them for taking care of their health and promised to continue the work that she is doing with them.

“We have a couple of programmes that are truly wonderful to us. Most of us have diabetes, arthritis and many other illnesses. With these programmes
at our disposal, we are now in good health,” she said, but added that finding space to run the programmes remained a challenge.

Mama Ethel Khali from Masibambane Seniors’ Club in Philippi said she had gained more than she bargained for at the clubs’ meetings and exercise sessions.

She has become stronger and can now walk longer distances than she could before.

Mama Khali said she was encouraged to see other seniors joining clubs and coming back home stronger than before.

“I could not believe when one neighbour was day by day becoming stronger. At some point he looked more fragile and aging quicker. But after joining a club, his life changed for good. That inspired me to join the club. I have changed for good too,” she said.

Coach Asanda Felem said physical training and some exercise helped to alleviate the symptoms of chronic conditions such as arthritis. He said it was vital for seniors to remain active.