Seniors hit the road for Gugs fun walk

About 50 seniors took part in a 5km fun walk in Gugulethu last Friday.

Gugulethu seniors showed they can still go the distance when they hit the road last Friday for a 5km fun walk. 

The event, which attracted by 50 people, was organised by the Cape Town Retired Teachers’ Club.

According to organiser Bomza Mazwi, it’s an annual event, which has been resuscitated following the Covid pandemic. 

“It is about time that we show that life continues even after the deadly Covid. We are delighted to have started again,” she said.

Before starting from the NY49 stadium, the participants did a warm-up with Mfundo Tyeli, of Asipaheli Moya Club. 

Mr Tyeli praised the seniors for their energetic and determined spirit. 

“I am giving back to them because I grew up in front of them. In fact, they moulded me as a child. Now it is my time to give back to them,” he said.

“These activities help them to maintain focus and keep balance. Most of them have maintained themselves so well.”

Members of other seniors’ clubs, including the Cape Town Older Persons Club, also took part in the walk.

“It was an honour for us when other clubs came to join so we can all spread the message that one can age but still live a very healthy lifestyle,” said Ms Mazwi.

“We did not expect such a number after we have been on ice for too long. This comes to show that seniors are hungry for a healthy lifestyle.”

 Everyone who took part in the walk received a medal.

Coach Mfundo Tyeli shows off some warm-up moves.
The seniors showed a united spirit during the walk.