Self-motivation is key

Andile Qolo, Nyanga

Many people are not doing as well as they are destined to, not because they don’t have the resources, but because they lack the self-motivation and internal driving force to satisfy the need they have.

The worst thing is that no matter how many times they are inspired by outside influences, without the internal self-motivation no action can be taken.

Once you have discovered that within yourself, you must know you have struck it big, you have found the diamond in you.

Passion is the driver of all inspiration. It’s what keeps one awake and wanting to do more.

In searching for passion one needs to do introspection, to stop being a follower and create one’s own trends.

It could also lead to isolation from the rest. Many youngsters and even adults are cramped and confined in activities that are the passion of others and because they are afraid to stand on their own and start their own thing.

They prefer to follow because the fear of failing has push them to succumb to such circumstances.

Many who have come to realise their passion are now coining it big time.

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, who has apassion for spacecraft, now is an internationally recognised global influencer in that field.

Of course passion can’t only be measured on monetary value as some are not about money. It’s always about self-satisfaction.

The joy it brings when one goes to sleep, knowing that I have added value to my life and to others. So it’s always advisable for people to take time out and do introspection, which can result in a fulfilling life.