Seeking help

I am trying to locate Winifred Zodwa Banzi, a woman who had a major impact on my life and whom I would desperately like to be reunited with.

She was our helper when I was a child but in reality she was a mother to me; she was family.

She taught me so much about kindness, grace, seeing people for who they were and finally, she was my safe place – when Winnie held my hand, I always knew that I was safe and life would be just fine.

The last time I saw Winnie was when she came to my wedding, I have subsequently lost touch and would love to meet with her again. I did find an article on Winnie on the Robin’s Trust website but unfortunately they do not have any contact details for her. Winnie was one of their first home carers and a trained auxiliary nurse and was involved in trying to implement a home care service in Khayelitsha.

If anyone is able to assist me, please email me on