Search for two boys continues

Devastated mother of Miyolo, Thembakazi Gwinta said all she wants to see is her son alive.

It is so painful not to know where your child is, with whom, and what he is doing after such a long time”.

Those are the words of devastated Thembakazi Gwinta whose son Miyolo Gwinta and neighbour Linathi Ntshonga went missing last Wednesday.

It is alleged that the two boys were lured by others to get onto a truck that was taking people to Bosasa temporary relocation area (TRA) and were never seen again.

The incident has sown fear among the residents of BM Section, with many not allowing their children to play far from home.

Ms Gwinta and her neighbour Lungisani Ntshonga are having sleepless nights, with residents and police having been searching for the two boys since they left their homes around 1pm last Wednesday.

“There were leads but they were confusing. But everybody that we spoke to had their description and the clothes they were wearing. They were seen together,” said Ms Gwinta.

“One wonders where are they now, are they still alive? It is sad to lose a child like this. If they are kept by somebody, what are they doing there, are they looked after well or what? These are just some of the questions and thoughts that fill the head.”She said they would not stop the search until the boys were found, and that the residents of BM Section “have been with us all the way”.

“We are thankful and grateful to them for such help,” she said.

Mr Ntshonga looked utterly dejected as he spoke about the chances of finding his son and told Vukani he was not satisfied with the police and its investigation. “Those police are not taking the matter seriously (and) I am utterly disgusted with their behaviour. How many children got lost and the police did not do anything? There are also helicopters that hover around searching for the children, but that is not happening,” he said.

Mr Ntshonga said when he returned home last Wednesday, he became concerned when, by 7.30pm, his son was not yet home. The boy was usually indoors by 7pm.

“It was strange not to see him home at the usual time. I went out to the neighbours asking for him. To my surprise my neighbour’s boy was also not home. We launched a search all over, getting contradicting messages from people and their peers.

“But most said the same thing – that they were seen taking a truck that was taking people to Bosasa. It was then that we felt something was not right and went to the police,” he explained.

Khayelitsha police spokesperson Constable Lowellan West said police were still searching for the boys.

“We have pulled in all forces and we expanded our search to outside of Khayelitsha. We’ve put up posters and informed radio stations so it can be broadcast as well,” he said

People are asked to help find the two. Miyolo was last seen wearing a navy top, black tracksuit pants and flip flops with yellow stripes, while Linathi was wearing a striped polo neck top, green tracksuit pants and maroon sneakers.

If you have any information, contact Site B police 021 360 2349, Lungisani Ntshonga on 073 811 0729 or Thembakazi Gwinta on 076 176 6544.