Schools drivers on strike

Scholar drivers held a silent picket and protest outside Khayelitsha court.

A group of scholar transport drivers picketed outside the Khayelitsha court to highlight their frustration with the economic impact the national lockdown and restrictions have had on them and their businesses.

While government had put measures in place to provide financial relief for businesses affected by the lockdown, the drivers say they were not among those who had benefited.

During their silent protest, the drivers held placards, describing their frustrations and how life had taken a difficult turn since the country was locked down at the end of March in a bid to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

Since then restrictions had been eased to level 4 at the beginning of May and level 3 this week.

The drivers say for the past three months they had been left in the dark.

Simo Vanda, who owns a seven-seater vehicle and taxi, said the lockdown had left him in deep debt – the stress of which had started to affect his health.

Mr Vanda said he had already been behind with his monthly vehicle payments before the lockdown and now his situation was worse.