School strives to better results

Teachers and pupils are all smiles before the awarding ceremony.

With the intention of motivating Grade 12 pupils to improve their academic performance in maths literacy, life science, economics and geography, Sinako High School, in Makhaza, in partnership with the Western Cape Education Department’s Metropole East office, handed certificates to pupils who obtained good results during the first term.

In last year’s matric exam, the school achieved less than 60 percent in the subjects in question.

School principal David Qinisile, said teachers were concerned about the poor pass rate and had implemented a number of strategies to identify their own difficulties, weak points and how to overcome them.

Mr Qinisile said he believed their pupils had the potential to achieve a 100% pass rate, but they needed motivation.

Mr Qinisile said within a short period of time they had seen an improvement, with pupils achieving a pass rate of over 90 percent in all of these subjects in the first term.

Mr Qinisile said their intention was to use the ceremony to encourage their pupils to believe in themselves that they had the ability to pass Grade 12 with flying colours and gain admission to tertiary education institutions.

Mr Qinisile said they were pleased that the department had endorsed their initiative and hoped to host another one in June.

“We will continue pushing our pupils to work even harder than this because when you have good marks, it is easy to get bursaries to sponsor you to further your studies. Our role is to provide knowledge and guidance and it is up to the pupils to make use of the knowledge provided,” he said.

Metropole East office representative, Zikhona Malgas, said it was important that they honoured and appreciated the efforts put by the pupils.

Ms Malgas echoed the same sentiments, saying their long-term goal was making sure that these pupils were ready for their end-of- year exams.

Grade 12 pupil Sambeswa Siyo applauded the initiative, saying it would boost their confidence and encourage them to want to outsmart each other.