Salute nurses

Monde Nqulwana,
Khayelitsha Covid-19 Team

The Flattening the Curve Workstream of the Khayelitsha Covid-19 Team, a multi party and civil society forum established to fight the spread of the pandemic, salutes all nurses on International Nurse’s Day (May 12).

The country is dealing with the virus and Khayelitsha is among the most affected communities.

To fight Covid-19, we rely on nurses who are performing essential services on the frontlines.

While the numbers continue to increase, through the work of our brothers and sisters we continue to see hope as numbers of recoveries continue to show increase.

As of Sunday we recorded 166 recoveries and that we attribute to work and efforts of these nurses.

We salute particularly those nurses who lost their lives due to the pandemic.

Their bravery will not go unnoticed
and should be commended.

On this day, we wish to reiterate our resolve to work tirelessly to pull together all social forces to adhere to precautionary measures to avoid the virus.

Social activity requires discipline so that there is less pressure on our health system and our nurses.

We will embark on a series of awareness programmes to stop
the spread of the
virus in public spaces where cluster transmissions are most prevalent. These programmes will be rolled out in consultation with all spheres of government, so that they comple-ment all efforts in the fight against the spread of Covid-19.