Ridiculed woman starts own car wash

Yolanda Ndlwana started her own car wash.

A young woman who was ridiculed by other women for working at a car wash has started her own company thanks to the intervention of a renowned soccer referee and businessman.

False Bay College financial management graduate Yolanda Ndlwana, was helping out at Tar Bizah Car Wash in Litha Park when two young women driving a VW Polo mocked her..

“They took photos of me, laughing out loudly describing what I was doing as a low life kind of hustle. I was worried that they would post those photos on social media so I wrote a post on Facebook detailing the abuse I suffered ,” said Yolanda.

Her post was spotted by veteran referee Ace Ncobo who immediately red-carded the women driving VW Polo and rallied support for Yolanda’s hustle.

“I was touched when I saw Yolanda’s post and I immediately approached Ubuntu Transformation Foundation to help her. We received R3 000 for her so that she can purchase material for her new business,” he said.

He added that Yolanda was working at a car wash because she hated being reliant on others.

“She is a graduate but saw futility of staying at home waiting for the right job. That’s the power of of focus and determination,” said Ace.

Yolanda with Splash Car Wash staffers.

He further described her as an “inspiration”.

“Others would have locked themselves in their rooms with shame. You broke out of the shell and now you are a proud business owner.”

Yolanda now “employs” four men and two women who take turns in running the carwash.

“I am very excited with the support I receives and I thank Mr Ncobo for his contribution,” said Yolanda.

The car wash is based at the foot of Lookout Hill in Spine Road and it offers free wi-fi connection to clients.

Staff member Chuma Tshatsh, 24, said when she saw Yolanda’s story on social media she tracked her down so that she could help at the car wash.

“I was working at Taj Hotel but due to Covid-19 we were told to stay home until conditions improve. Now this is an opportunity for me to raise rent money,” said Chuma.

Young people under the age of 35 who want to start businesses can approach NYDA for funding. For more information, visit www.nyda.gov.za or call 087 158 6345.