Residents protest delay of housing project

This is the site where the houses will be built for people of Endlovini.

Residents of Endlovini informal settlements in Ward 99 blocked and barricaded roads last week to protest against the delays in the construction of houses they had been promised by the municipality.

But mayoral committee member for area east, Anda Ntsodo, said the residents’ concerns were based on a misunderstanding and that construction would resume once the sewer line had been installed.

The housing development is on an open field just opposite Litha Park.

For two days, the concerned leaders and community members protested, blockading the road and forcing motorists to find alternative routes.

The residents argued that there had been no progress with the construction of the houses and they had not been informed why.

The residents said the houses were meant to be completed in 2021, but they were concerned because thus far only the streets had been completed.

The site is meant to accommodate 375 houses.

Ward 99 community leader Lonwabo Mqina said the construction of the houses had stopped for no valid reason but that construction of the nearby bus depot was making progress.

“We want houses. This development must be done within its timeframe.

“People have been waiting for their houses for long. We can’t tolerate delays while other projects are running smoothly,” he said.

Ward councillor Bongile Ngcani said people were upset about the delay and that he was shocked to discover that half of the houses would be allocated to backyarders from Litha Park when the development had been completed.

He said this housing development was meant for the people of Endlovini who had been subjected to poor and inhumane living conditions for years.

Mayoral committee member for area east, Anda Ntsodo, refuted the claim that the project had been stopped.

He explained that the City was in the process of buying a sewer pipe which would be installed before the construction of houses hence the workers had stopped working.

He said R2 million had been allocated towards the project this year. An additional R12 million had been set aside for the next financial year for the very same project. He said he had been engaging with the residents to inform them that everything was on track.