Residents impressed by City’s development plans

Philippi residents going from desk to desk, seeking information that can be useful to them.

Philippi residents say they are impressed with the City of Cape Town’s new Organisational Development and Transformation Plan (ODTP) which aims to address inequalities of the past.

At the area south service delivery roadshow on Tuesday May 23, residents said the ODTP would improve their chances of seeing true service delivery.

Mayoral committee representative Eddie Andrews said the aim was to speed up service delivery and make the city a great one to live, work and play in.

He said it was the City’s responsibility to make sure that services were delivered in all of its 116 wards.

He conceded, however, that there was still more work that needed to be done to improve living conditions of the poor and urged residents to work with the City to improve service delivery.

“We want to create a city that is clean and active where our children can live freely.

“But you must feel that we are working together.

“But you must also be patient because we cannot deliver all the services in one go.

“You must let us know about what you need,” he said.

Mr Andrews took the opportunity to urge people to protect women and children and to use water sparingly because the city was facing a water crisis.

On the issue of abuse, he said: “We are against any form of abuse. You must please speak about this in churches, homes, on the streets and everywhere.

“Women and children abuse is not allowed,” he said.

Among the residents at the event was Mandla Mangcawe, who said he was delighted with the one-stop shop which made information accessible.

He said he had gone to get information on housing and was satisfied, but complained that he had not encountered any safety and security representatives.

“I am extremely happy to see government departments rendering services right on our doorstep. What is happening today should be an everyday thing or at least (take place) on a monthly basis.

“If we can continue in this way, there would be minimal service delivery protests or zilch,” he said.

Another resident, Ntsikelelo Konisani, expressed concerns about people at information desks who did not have the answers to people’s questions about the construction of community facilities.

“It is good but we will are not getting proper answers when we ask about the building of clinics, libraries and sport fields.

“We have a very small clinic that we would like to be extended.

“These are issues that need to be addressed by big guns. We would love to see them telling us (about the) progress on such issues,” he said. The residents were promised, however, that there would be development in their area, among them the Philippi train station and upgrading of local roads.