Residents demand better services

Resident Ivy Siminini says they want their leaders to bring services to their community as well.

Residents and leadership of the South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) in Ekuphumleni, Khayelitsha, have accused their ward councillor, Patrick Mngxunyeni, and government of turning a blind eye on their needs.

They complained that they were not informed about plans to develop their community, with Sanco disciplinary committee member, Violet Majola, adding that they felt that the local leaders had not expressed any desire to bring services to their community.

Ms Majola said for nearly two decades their community had not had constructive meetings with their ward councillor or other government officials about plans for the area.

Ms Majola said residents agreed that when job opportunities arose, people should be employed for a period of three months only, allowing for others also to benefit.

However, she said those employed should be properly screened to ensure that they are from the area and on the job-seekers’ database.

Among the challenges facing the community, Ms Majola added, were the living conditions of backyarders, poor service delivery, crime and youth unemployment.

“We have been neglected for years.

“We want to see our leaders consulting us and engaging us about developmental plans of the community. We have had enough of being neglected. We want our ward councillor to bring services and not only know us when we have to vote,” she said.

Resident, Ivy Siminini, said for years their cries had been ignored and all they wanted was to see their area being improved and for their leadership to communicate with them.

When Vukani contacted Mr Mngxunyeni, he said he was in a meeting and he should be contacted late on. But when contacted late on his phone rang unanswered.