Reconciliation Day race

The Cape Times, Vukani’s sister paper, has partnered with the RCS Gugulethu Athletics Club, which is hosting its Gugs Reconciliation Day Race, tomorow, Friday December 16. We spoke to Nondumiso Pikashe, a Gugulethu born entrepreneur, an avid runner and a member of the RCS Gugulethu Athletics Club about the race.

What is it about the Gugs race that makes it appealing to you and other runners?

I was born in this fabulous township ,there is sentimentality first. It evokes childhood memories where we used to run around in the streets playing games like “black black mampatlie” and “roundas” and so on. We were not deterred by the lack of recreational facilities. The Gugs race celebrates that “can do” spirit. It’s not only about winning prizes or how fast one can run but winning a healthy lifestyle.

Has the race grown in popularity since it started? What’s behind that success?

It has grown phenomenally across the cultural, age and gender spectrum. It is through the cohesion within the club. There is love, a sense of sharing, open lines of communication, encouragement and pride of orange and black. It’s the camaraderie displayed both at races and training.

Do you think successful business people, such as yourself, should be playing more of a role in uplifting the poor? Does the Gugs race help in achieving this?

I think everyone has a role to play not just business people. We have retired personnel across sectors who can play a meaningful role in this regard. They represent a powerful and yet unutilised resource. Yes the Gugs race serves as an inspiration to many in the community. It really lives that community concept. We have lift clubs to races, and help one another where possible.

What advice would you share with first time Gugs race runners to help them in the race?

Have fun and of course obey the marshals and traffic officials on the road.

The theme of the race is “reconciliation”. Tell us what this means to you, and how this theme can benefit the race and society in general.

“Reconciliation “of course borrows from the official political one. We say it’s not up to government to achieve national cohesion. Each and every citizen and (foreign nationals) have a role to make our beautiful country a better place to live in and grow our businesses.

So Gugs Athletics took it upon itself to work towards this. Therefore reconciliation for me means reconciling with myself (embracing myself and wellbeing) first and so it snowballs.