Promoting education to raise responsible citizens

Women celebrated their day in Gugulethu in a song.

The Sisonke Association of Friends has challenged women to stand up and be involved in their children’s education and find solutions to the challenges faced by communities.

Commemorating National Women’s Day on Friday August 9, the organisation hosted an event themed “Celebrating Women’s involvement in the upbringing of responsible citizens through education”.

The Gugulethu-based organisation said the theme emerged from the challenges faced by young people. They said women were the protectors of their community and that it was important for women to be at the forefront of their children’s education.

Sisonke’s Bonisile Yantolo said the country was full of women who worked tirelessly to raise and nuture children.

“We felt there is a shortcoming in our youths and that shortcoming is education. Teachers used to help discipline the children but these days we still have children who are a problem.

“But we all know that the role played by women in those days was immeasurable.

“That is why we seek their intervention in today’s challenges. With this theme, we want them involved,” he said.

Ntombomzi Ngesi applauded the organisation for honouring women, but said when it came to skills and development of women, there was a problem.

“We have achieved a lot but there are still challenges like substance abuse and drugs.

“Our children are addicted to these bad habits. Again women are not economically emancipated. We as women still work against each other instead of encouraging each other to grow.

“We still have the PHD (pull her down) syndrome. Let us work together and be independent. We need to also prioritise ourselves as women,” she said.Programme director of the day Nombulelo Mkefa appealed to women to develop their skills and take up jobs to succeed in life. She reminded women of the saying that goes like; if you educate a boy, you educate an individual but if you educate a girl, you educate the entire nation.