Pray for better leaders

Andile Qolo, Nyanga

In a new year our minds quickly wish for new things.

We wish for growth, be it spiritual, emotional or financial.

We pray for blessings, joy and happiness in our families and society.

However, all these wishes, prayers and hopes lie more on the kind of leadership we have at home or society.

For people to do well generally, leadership must speak to hope.

There must be a sense of a brighter tomorrow and people must be able to see it.

At home, parents must give guidance to their children. At school, the principal and teachers have to show leadership to the pupils – that tomorrow we will rise but today we must learn.

At churches, leadership must be about practicality – “do as you say”.

Of course when leadership speaks hope, it does not mean it must be a lie. Every year we hear how the matric results increase but it speaks nothing of the decreasing quality of education. The current challenges that we face as the country is because we lack leadership.

We need leadership that puts people’s needs first.

We don’t need scavengers and wolves that have no other intention but to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else.

The country is lacking leadership, people with integrity.

We must demand leadership with integrity. Come February, we expect the president to give hope and viable, practical solutions to many challenges including SOEs in his State of the Nation Address.