PR exercise

Fanie Jason, Gugulethu

Thank you for a brilliant speech Mr President, based on a lot of promises.

I ended up wondering who wrote this speech for you? I remember once playing jazz at my place, and the late veteran jazz vocalist Don Tshomela walk through my door. Without asking me who’s playing, he told me the race of the musicians.

When an African leader ended up quoting Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States, I knew immediately the race of your speech writer.

I may not be an intellectual, but have been exposed through my work at the Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR) over the years.

How many times did you go off speech, and speak in vernacular, just off the cuff?

Every word that was read sounded very clinical, well researched and well crafted by some PR agency.

You were hitting the nail right on its head when you mentioned dealing with corruption, because we the previously oppressed can’t wait to see those thieves that looted this country to near bankruptcy, behind bars.

I want those greedy thieves in parliament that earn these huge salaries, with body guards to rot in jail, and their assets confiscated to recuperate the state’s money.

Always remember the rot of corruption starts on top and spreads down to your junior state officials, right down to your ordinary police at road blocks.

It does not mean because we are Africans, this country should
be just another failed state, because if we fail, those people that looked up to the miracle nation, would be disappointed.

Your speech brought us a glimmer of hope where there was none. Now we are looking forward to your action, Mr President. We will definitely be watching this space over the coming months because we don’t have the luxury nor the patience to talk about years.