Power to Gugulethu

Vusumzi Jonas, chairperson of Intsika Yabahlali, Gugulethu

The pillar of Gugulethu supports housing protests by the Gugulethu community.

As long as the City of Cape Town works with ANC councillors only, undermines community organisations and only invites those community organisations that are affiliated with the ANC, corruption will never disappear.

People of Gugulethu are sick and tired of hearing about corruption taking place within the ANC where certain members of the community are being left out because they don’t belong to the ANC. This is nonsense.

Each time the ANC councillors are involved in food parcel distribution, corruption becomes the order of the day. It is high time for the community to stand up and fight against this pandemic.

The entire Gugulethu sewerage system blocks every day (and) nothing is being done but if you go to white community they never experienced such a disaster.

Why do only black people have to suffer in their own land, yet there are people who regard themselves as community representatives?

What is it that they are doing?

Instead of doing their job, they are getting fat salaries for doing nothing.

Gugulethu is the third oldest township but we are being treated like babies born yesterday.

Power to the community of Gugulethu.