Police minister unveils mobile police station in Site C

The long- awaited Site C mobile satellite police station was finally unveiled on Friday May 27, when Minister of Police, Nathi Hleko, accompanied by Deputy Minister of Police, Maggie Sotyu, held an Imbizo at Site C stadium.

For over 30 years residents of Site C have had to rely on the Site B police station which is about 3km away.

Ms Sotyu told those who attended the imbizo that the Western Cape would receive six additional mobile satellite police station aimed at reinforcing the fight against the scourge of crime.

She also grabbed the opportunity to shed some light on plans to build a police station in Makhaza, saying they expect construction to start in 2018..

She said community leaders in Site C were struggling to fight escalating crime and gangsterism in the area because they never had their own police station, solely dedicated to them.

The residents had also complained about the lack of police visibility and the sluggish response time of the police when called.

Ms Sotyu said they were planning to deploy more police officers in the area to strengthen their fight against crime.

“We felt that it was appropriate that we bring you this mobile police station to assist you in the endless fight against crime in the area.

“It takes more than ten years to build just one police station as there are many departments that need to be engaged before the building a of police station. We need to engage departments such as transport, environmental affairs and public works before the actual building of the police station can start.

“The department will issue 15 mobile police stations and six of those will be allocated to the Western Cape,” she said.

Ms Sotyu promised the residents that the mobile police station would be open 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

She also urged the residents to protect the police station as it had been launched to serve the interest of the community and is a community structure.

She appealed to the residents, in particular women, to stop protecting their sons and daughters if they are involved in criminal activities. Instead, she reminded them, they should report them to the police.

Provincial police commissioner, Major General Thembinkosi Jula, said each and every community deserves to have its own police station.

Major General Jula said they are working tirelessly to ensure that the residents of Khayelitsha can live peacefully in a safe environment.

“We need the residents to work hand-in-hand with us to root out crime in the area of Khayelitsha and we also appeal to you to protect us as police because we are killed each and every day.

“The police station would play a pivotal role in bringing other police services to you, therefore please protect it as it is an asset to this community, “ he concluded.

Site C resident Bonga Ngotsini expressed his disappointment about the installation of the mobile satellite police station. “I feel that the government has deprived us of the right to have a permanent police station considering the fact that this is one of first townships in Khayelitsha and yet we are given a mobile police station. “How is this really going to help us in the fight against the scourge of crime we are battling with in the area?” he said.