Police host sports tournament to keep youth from crime

Gusdo players were thrilled to part of the tournament.

Residents should not be living in fear because criminals are plaguing their communities.

This was the key message delivered by Gugulethu police at a Sports Against Crime tournament held at the area’s sports complex last Saturday.

Young people were called on to take the lead in the fight against crime, with Constable Nomapha Cynthia Homane, emphasising that sport helped to keep youngsters occupied and off the streets.

Constable Nomapha Cynthia Homane said the aim of the tournament was to discourage youngsters from getting involved in drugs and crime.

Constable Homane said it was critical that SAPS found alternative ways of empowering the youth about the importance of making wise and informed life decisions.

She said despite there being no prizes up for grabs, a number of teams came out to participate in their first tournament.

“I think it’s really good for young people to see there’s another way to build community,” she said.

“I think it opens great doors, of course, teams, and the girls to get to know each other. The ultimate aim is to keep our children away from crime.

“We need to see our children safe and protected. Sport is a very important tool to fight drugs and alcohol. We encourage young people to stick to it and any other thing that keeps them away from crime,” she said.

Miranda Mfeketho from Gusdo FC praised the Gugulethu police station for initiating the tournament.

Miranda Mfeketho from Gusdo FC, said they were grateful that police had organised the sports event and that such tournaments played a huge role in preaching the importance of being involved in sport.

She said her team had been established a few years back because they wanted to keep the children out of drugs and criminal activity and called on parents to support their children’s involvement in sport.

Coach of Elite netball team, Popi Banjathwa, said when police and other stakeholders host such tournaments it brings joy to them because that shows their efforts and endeavours of keeping children safe are recognised

Ms Banjathwa said it was essential that other stakeholders get in touch with people who are in sport so that they do not work in isolation