’Police are there for you’

Warrant Officer November Filander has urged Mfuleni residents to use police to report their crimes.

With the current prevalence of mob justice, youth attacks and car hijackings and other robberies, the Mfuleni police are urging members of that community to safeguard themselves and work with the police to curb these offences.

Recently Mfuleni police launched a search for four youths who were allegedly the victims of a mob attack in Covid-19 Informal Settlements, near Mfuleni.

Speaking on the sidelines of a Heritage Day event in Mfuleni, police spokesman Warrant Officer November Filander said while searching for the youths, police discovered the bodies of two people in a river near Delft in a case believed not to be linked to the missing youths.

Warrant Officer Filander said police are still probing claims that the bodies of the four youths were thrown into a river that runs across the Covid-19 informal settlement in Driftsands a month ago.

“People are taking law into their hands. You are not supposed to do that. We know in our areas that there is no respect. Children are raped by criminals. It is clear that there is a problem in our community. But let us not take the law into our hands while police are here for us,” he said.

He said families reported the missing youths at the Mfuleni police station a month ago.

He said the youths were reported to be victims of mob justice and were thrown into the river.

“While searching for them, police divers found the body of an unidentified man not believed to be linked to the four missing youths. That is a mystery. That means there is a problem, a big one. I urge you not to take law into your hands. The station commander is appealing to you to use police. Keep the police responsible for your response,” he said.

The authorities said community members should take down police names and vehicle numbers so that if they do not respond well they can be held responsible.

He promised that police will do their job properly.

“As police, we will continue to do our very best to bring perpetrators to justice. Together with the community we have a responsibility to fix the community factors that are causing crime. But mark my words, we will continue to deal with issues of crime and violence. But we can only do that if we as a community really change. The community has to really take charge and be involved in the prevention of crimes,” he said.

Community members applauded the police for trying to fight crime.

Community member Nolitha Mavimbela agreed with the police and said her brother was once a victim of mob justice after being confused with someone else.

She said he was sjamboked and nearly killed.

“He did not do anything. People assaulted him. I guess we need to use the police effectively,” she said.

People are urged to report crime to Mfuleni police or contact police on 08600 10111

Mfuleni seniors listening to police at the Heritage Day event held last week in Mfuleni.