Photographer pleads for help for needy family

The family’s stove.

A Khayelitsha photographer is appealing for help for a family in desperate need of improving their living conditions.

Teddy Sambu, who owns Teddy Sambu Production, had initially made a call on Facebook for the names of two deserving families he could treat to a professional photo shoot.

He said the family would get framed photos and be catered for at the studio.

He was contacted by the Madolo Foundation in Makhaza who informed him about a family who are living under difficult conditions.

The family is known to Vukani but they have asked for their identities not to be revealed.

When Mr Sambu visited the family he was shocked to learn about their living conditions and realised that they needed much more help.

The family of eight share a three-roomed dilapidated RDP house. One of their rooms has a roof riddled with holes. They do not have a proper stove, fridge or a kettle.

The family’s circumstances took a difficult turn when their mother died in 2017, leaving behind her three daughters aged, 39, 29 and 20 year to look after their siblings and children.

Mr Sambu said after he visited the family he decided to focus on them alone.

He is appealing for help on the day of the photo shoot, to anyone who could provide transport, food, do hair and nails and to local fashion designers to lend clothing so they can give the family a day to remember.

The roof in this room is riddled with holes.

Mr Sambu is also asking the community and business people to help the family improve their living conditions.

“The family battles to cover basic needs. The only source of income for this family is rent from people who are living in a bungalow in the yard.

“I was told that one child used to get a grant but not anymore. Times are extremely tough for this family.

“I appeal to everyone that might be able to extend a helping hand to please help.

“I wanted to take a family to a shoot and never anticipated that I would meet such a situation. Nevertheless, I cannot leave this family without trying to help them.

“There are three sisters who are unemployed and used to get piece jobs to take care of their siblings. I hope that through this initiative of a photo shoot the family could be helped and their lives would change for the better.”

Founder of Madolo Foundation, Sikhonzi Madolo, said when she learnt about Teddy Sambu’s request she immediately alerted him about the family.

Ms Madolo said as the foundation they had provided what little they could to the family but have few resources themselves.