Philippi East victim support room revamped

Ward 35 councillor Mboniswa Chitha and Trevor Wilson, chairperson of WOZA Philippi Business Forum, Community Police Forum co-ordinator Wendy Bikauri and station commander Colonel Mzwabantu Jada open the trauma room.

The newly revamped victim support room at Philippi East police station is now in a position to offer better comfort and support to the victims of crime and to the community it serves.

On Friday morning January 10, Philippi East SAPS management, the community police forum, Ward 35 councillor Mboniswa Chitha, and non-governmental organisations dealing with domestic violence gathered to officially re-open the Philippi East Victim Friendly Room at Philippi East police station.

Sponsored by Sea-Harvest Foundation and local WOZA Philippi Business Forum, the spruced-up facility is located inside the police station and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Philippi East station commander Colonel Mzwabantu Jada applauded the initiative taken by the local businesses to work together with the CPF by contributing into the service delivery and respect of the victim of crimes most vulnerable groups like women, children and elderly people.

Police spokesman Captain Bheki Xulu said although the room had not been in really bad condition, it had needed some revamping.

He added that trauma rooms were vital in every police station.

Captain Xulu said the support rooms provided a space where victims had a private space to speak freely. He said the sensitivity of cases that police sometimes dealt with required privacy and a victim-friendly room.

“It is a 24-hour service where victims will have a space and be free to speak out. Having a trauma room is very important for our people – even adults. We are grateful to the local business people and other stakeholders that supported us to revamp this,” he said.

Trevor Wilson of Sea-Harvest Foundation and chairperson WOZA Philippi Business Forum, said they had seen the need to revamp the victim support room and that the forum had decided to liaise with CPF about taking on the project in December 2019 using local talented people.

With newly painted walls, comfortable couches, chairs and a table, as well as toys for child victims, the room provides a comfortable, safe space for victims of crime.

For any assistance and information on the trauma room people can call 021 370 1900/4