Perseverance prevails

Members of the organisation were excted about the dancing practice.

A Gugulethu-based non-governmental organisation (NGO) the Repairing of Broken Walls (RBW), is working tirelessly to help young people from the neighbourhood and the surrounding communities make informed decisions about their future.

Established in 2014, the organisation strives to keep young people off the streets and away from crime and drugs, and preventing teenage pregnacy by offering extramural activities.

Members are introduced to drama, dance and singing classes, at Luyolo Community Hall.

Pamela Ntisana, founder of the RBW, said she felt the community was not doing enough to help young people. She said she discovered that some talented young people were roaming the streets with nothing to do but that many parents had been reluctant to allow their children to join when the organisation was launched.

But then they started seeing results.

She said she started with 20 children but now she has more than 60.

Ms Ntisana said some of the children came from destitute and broken families and she was forced at times to use her own money to buy them food.

She then made a call to local business people and the community at large, to extend a helping hand.

“When I started I battled to find a place where I could conduct the classes, but I persevered until the community noticed the impact of the organisation and allowed me to use the community hall,” said Ms Ntisana.

“I also educate them about the importance of finishing school and advise them on ways to deal with peer pressure.

“We also conduct a lot of motivational talks and assist them with their school work.

“We all know that an idle mind is the devil’s playground, hence it is crucial to do everything we can to ensure that children are on the right track. I know this might be a drop in the ocean but at least we can make an impact in bettering the future of the next generation,” she said.

Zika Mbinana, 11, who is a dancer and singer, said she was happy to be part of the organisation and was grateful to the founders for making such a platform available to them to hone their skills.

“I was roaming around the streets with nothing to do, but now every time I come back from school I attend the practise and my parents know that I’m in a safe environment, “ she said.