Pastor Tywaku releases new CD

Pastor Mfundo Tywaku’s latest album, Isigqibo is certainly going to elevate him to the next level. In just days after its release the album has already set the tongues wagging, with its collection of soothing and breathtaking gospel songs. Most of the songs on the 10-track album connect with the spirit and bring one closer to God.

It is a true revelation and out-shines his previous albums. The album also shows a lot of maturity and spiritual growth from the 22-year-old who released his first album in 2003.

Now aged 36, the Khayelitsha pastor is on a mission to market and promote his album. In the next few weeks he plans to visit various churches, schools and old age homes to market the album.

“I don’t want to choose certain churches. I want to go to all the churches,” he said.

On Sunday March 4, he kickstarted his campaign with a visit to Service To Glory Ministries, in Khayelitsha, where he left worshippers in high spirits and begging for more.

He said his ultimate plan is to reach audiences across the nation, both believers and non-believers.

“I do not want to be a provincial artist,” he said. Days after its release, the album sold more than 500 copies, a feat he previously achieved in three months.

While he composed all the songs, he attributed some of their early success to his work with Dumi Mkokstad and the late gospel music sensation, Sfiso Ncwane.

Unlike his previous CDs, which were recorded at his own studio,
Mr Tywaku’s new album was recorded at Shammah records, owned by Mr Mkokstad, in Durban.

“I decided to go and cook the album in Durban, but it was released under my own label,” he said.

“Isigqibo (decision) is yours. Whatever that you do in life, the decision is yours.”

Pastor Tywaku called for unity among Cape Town artists, saying they could through their music and unity put the province on the map.

He added that the province had so much talent, but artists were often forced to move to other cities such as Johannesburg to realise their full potential.

“We, the artists, need to be united so that we can speak and work in one voice and not in silos,” he said.

“We need to sit back and come with strategies on how to do things. It is possible in Cape Town to have two artists performing at two different venues on the same date.

“For us to succeed we need to be united.”