Pastor spreads spirit of caring and sharing

There comes a time in life when one needs help. These are the words pastor Goodman Ntanga, who runs an organisation called Pastor G Ntanga and Angels, strives to live his life by.

In one of his latest offerings of help, he and his family visited the Nobevu family in Town Two last Saturday where they painted the family’s house.

Mr Ntanga has been running the organisation since 2012, helping needy families while adopting and raising children who come from impoverished families.

Mr Ntanga said they had been informed of the challenges faced by the Nobevu family in 2018 and after visiting them to assess what kind of help they needed, they planned their intervention.

In the midst of all of this, he said, they were shocked to learn that one of the children had not been attending school for a year due to his disability. And this became their first priority.

He said last year the child was enrolled at a private school and were doing their best to support him. When he visited the house, he said, it needed doors, windows, plastering and painting outside and inside.

He then embarked on an intensive fundraising initiative with the hope of raising enough funds to at least begin with their efforts.

Mr Ntanga said last year they managed to raise enough funds to cover the costs of plastering, painting the outside walls and to buy a window.

And this time around they were able to cover the costs of plastering and painting the inside walls.

He said the flooring still needed to be redone and the family needed beds and other household essentials.

He said their good deeds were solely dependent on donations from the community.

“I want this house to be a proper and decent house just like others in the area. The fact that people from this family have nothing, does not make them lesser human beings.

“With the little things that God grants us, we could make difference. I don’t have much myself and I live in the same area but I felt that my own challenges were better than of this family.

“I hope and pray that I could get more assistance so that I could help others as well. My existence in life should be purposeful and be about helping another person,” he said.

Mr Ntanga added that some of the children he had taken under his wing were in varsity, two of them in their final year of study.

He said there comes a time in life when life throws you in a deep end and no one seems to care enough to assist – and that has been the key driving force for his organisation.

Mzwandile Maxwell Nobevu said he shared his three-roomed RDP house with his three nephews, two siblings and his son. He said no one living their worked and they depended on the the social grants of his nephews and child to survive. But this wasn’t nearly enough.

The 50-year-old said life had been hard and that he had lost hope that his home could be a better place to live in.

He expressed his gratitude to the organisation and urged them to continue with their endeavours.