OPINION: Prosperity pastors taking us for a ride

Phiri Cawe.

I was sitting with my laptop when something popped up about a man having been “resurrected” by a certain pastor.

I looked at the posted picture of this con man wearing a white suite in the coffin.

For a minute I thought death was finally defeated. At the same time I was shaken and scared. My fear was simply that we would multiply and be left with no space to grow. John Donne’s warning in the poem, Death Be Not Proud, filled my mind. I thought of him saying death shall be no more. I tried to think of any Bible verse that had a similar warning about death but I could not come up with it. I knew why. I have not read my Bible for decades now. I’ve lost track when it comes to the Holy Book.

It looked real but I had doubts and questions. The lie that death shall be conquered was not fulfilled when Alleluia Ministries “resurrected” the liar.

The news filled the media space and social media was abuzz. That God’s power can be in anyone was uppermost in my mind but when my mind settled, I was furious. I felt anger inside me. I felt that my country has been misused by con churches. I still feel that con artists are taking advantage of this country. I asked myself why is this government so soft when it comes to churches? I have respect for churches as good institutions but that is waning with time. Churches are stealing land in front of our eyes and we let them because we fear God. Or should I say liars are using churches to fool people. We also believe they do that for a good cause.

But coming to the hoax resurrection and why I was not shocked that Alph Lukau lied. The guy saw how we are deep in sleep. This country is messed up and no one is prepared to help it. The leading fat cats are busy with tenders and state owned entities while the country is being corrupted.

Local people are glorifying poverty, vandalising the little they have in the name of service delivery protests. While they are busy seeing nothing good about their country, con artists use the space to assist us in corrupting the country.

Look at the past year, the so-called pastors who have raped, trafficked children, resurrected people all in the Holy name of the man above. This should be stopped if not by us, by the government.

This country has had its fair share of liars who have employed unconventional methods of worship and made extraordinary claims.

We have had people eating snakes, sprayed with Doom, trampled upon, eating poison, and rats and other nonsense and now people are raised from the dead. Poor people are hungry for heaven and are sold tickets for R1 000 to R25 000 to see or sit next to a liar.

Hell, can’t they wake up and smell the coffee? People are also making things difficult for themselves for wanting something that is not there. We should stand up and say enough is enough.

I am prepared not to go to heaven if it means I must shut up when my country is being corrupted this way. These so-called churches have to be stopped and banned, period.