OPINION: Paying tribute to all mothers

Columnist Phiri Cawe

Ngelixesha lonyaka sixakekile kuba izinto zininzi kwaye unyaka usongeka. Asibinalo ke ithuba lokubulela iindlezane neentsengwane kazi esingmama abasizalayo nabo bangasizaliyo. Ndifuna ukuthi enkosi ngalomabele made azale into emnandi. Ndibhala lembalelwana ukuthi, enkosi kuni bafazi ngokungasincancisi ityhefu kuba nsithanda. Ngesiphi ngaphandle kwenu?

Around this time of year, there are many commemorations and Mother’s Day is always a popular one. However, with the year at its half-way mark and with a long list of endless things to do, it is easy to forget to thank the mothers who are always there for us all.

Let me express my gratitude to the brave women who raised this country. Those women whom I know, worked with over the years and all the brave women who are leading in the fight against lack of equal education, poverty and many social ills this country is facing.

Women are a strong, yet caring and loving species. I have witnessed instances where a woman has taken different children, some she doesn’t even know, under her wing. Women mend and restore relationships; they will never run away like men do. It doesn’t matter which party is in the wrong, they are always there.

They don’t have time for men’s egos. They reach out with an open heart to those who have nothing. I want to thank them for their smiles that lighten up the world.

Last Sunday when we celebrated motherhood, I thought I would be damned if I did not pay my respects to women. I, and many others, have not done enough to say thank you to them.

I am happy to have experienced their “hot hand”; having been formed by women – not one but many of them. I was lucky to grow up in a villages where every mom used to be your mom. Respect to women for shaping this country. I have realised that there is nothing too hard or difficult for them. With our skewed egos as men, they are the ones that we depend on. They have the strength to rise up through challenges. When there’s no food at home, who do we run to? To the mother.

They give birth, cook and raise our children while some of us are nowhere to be found and when things go well, they are the ones who are forgotten – until we have problems. Then we run to them; most times using them.

To mothers – your love is greater. Your love is immeasurable. You are a species that loves beyond flaws. Ndiyabonga ndikwabulela ngothando olungakaka (I am grateful for the love shown). I am always inspired by the courage and conviction that you’ve demonstrated over the years.

Thank you for teaching us to cry when we have to. Thank you for having the strength to raise us, even under difficult situations.

Enkosi for your undying love and care. Your guidance is appreciated. But mostly, thank you for having the courage to rise up through life’s difficult times.

Thank you for your commitment in whatever you do. I speak on behalf of men, who don’t always have the strength to praise you. I am truly grateful to the women of the world.