On behalf of the little guy

Lunga Adam, Lower Crossroads

In these ever-changing times, news seem to overtake us at such a fast rate that as you struggle to catch your breath over a certain scandal, another equally flabbergasting one emerges.

I don’t know if you’ve heard about the smaller-sized condoms that are said to have been manufactured by a UK-based company called They Fit. It’s been said they have been specifically made to ease the plight of those not-so-well-endowed below the belt.

I write today on behalf of the little guy, who, from time immemorial, has always been on the end of ridicule for being vertically challenged.

Yes, size matters, but little do these critics know that dynamite comes in small packages?

No thought is ever given to how the little man feels about these stereotypes flying around and this scourge is so sickening it reminds one of the “body shaming” phenomenon that is so prevalent among the womenfolk.

As a result, young kids who bear the brunt believe themselves incapable of scaling greater heights, and suddenly their being short becomes somewhat of a stain throughout their life. Life’s a tall order.

For school-goers, it’s not child’s play being the butt of jokes from classmates because of their inability to write high up on the chalkboard, or having your feet dangling mid-air while seated on a chair.

Then, for the much older, I can only imagine the embarrassment when the one half of the household requests the services of the next-door neighbour to change the light bulb, since the other half falls short of the required height to reach the ceiling, literally failing to rise to the occasion.

But, back to the tool of the trade. The aforementioned condom is believed to be the world’s tiniest, so no excuses from now on, gentlemen.

I must also categorically state that my excitement regarding this latest development does not stem from personal need; I’m just all about fighting for the underdog. But I must give credit to these folks who saw a gap in the market and pounced.

Granted, it might take some time for these to hit our shores, but I trust the good folks from the UK to find a way to export their little treasures this side.