Nyanga SAPS clamp down on criminals

Residents helped police find a huge haul of dagga.

Nyanga police arrested seven suspects since Monday, for crimes ranging from attempted house robbery and possession of prohibited firearms and ammunition, rape, murder and abduction – and working with the community was integral to these successes in the fight against crime, they said.

Among those arrested were two men who had allegedly raped a woman who was returning home from her boyfriend’s place.

Nyanga police spokesman Captain Ntomboxolo Sitshitshi said the two had been arrested last Monday night after they repeatedly raped the complainant. Earlier that day police had also nabbed a 33-year-old man suspected of raping and murdering a woman, 34, in Browns Farm.

According to police, the suspect had allegedly assaulted the woman after they had been drinking together. The woman’s naked body was found dumped in a waterlogged field. Her throat throat had been slit and she had also sustained wounds to her chest.

Captain Sitshitshi commended the community for working with them as they searched for a woman who had been reported missing and subsequently arrested a man, 23, in connection with the case.

“Police questioned the ex-boyfriend about the whereabouts of the woman but denied any knowledge of her whereabouts,” said Captain Sitshitshi.

“The police then decided to search the suspect’s house and found the woman under the suspect’s bed, unconscious and unresponsive. The woman was rushed to a medical facility and the suspect arrested and detained,” she added.

Police also arrested an alleged house robber who was found in possession of a prohibited firearm and ammunition in Siyahlala in Browns Farm.

“The suspect and two accomplices attempted to rob the complainant of his firearm. The suspects demanded his firearm but the complainant and his son managed to overpower the armed suspect and confiscated the firearm. The two other suspects ran away. A firearm was confiscated with its serial number filed off as well as a magazine and 12 blank 9 mm rounds,” said Captain Sitshitshi.

On Monday, police also arrested two men who were caught offloading 50kg bags of dagga from a vehicle in Amsterdam Road in Browns Farm.

Police said the two had attempted to run but one – a 20-year-old – was caught and arrested and also found to be in possession of an imitation firearm while police were on patrol.

All suspects are due to appear in Wynberg Magistrate’s court.

Guns and live ammunition were also confiscated.