Nyanga officers show no mercy to criminals

Nyanga police officers recovered fire arms in their fight against crime.

Nyanga might be the country’s murder capital, but police officers deployed at Nyanga police station are determined to fight the seemingly endless scourge of crime.

This comes after police officers apprehended 113 suspects for various offences recently, many of whom had been found in possession of drugs, and six of whom had been arrested for armed robberies, four for rape, and eight for the possession of dangerous weapons.

Suspects were also arrested for murder, attempted murder, assault with the intent to do grievous bodily, housebreaking and other criminal offences.

Spokesperson for Nyanga police station, Captain Ntomboxolo Sitshitshi, said the determination and concerted efforts of their members had been remarkable.

She said police officers were dedicated to making Nyanga a safer area. But, she said, they could not do that without the help of the community.

Captain Sitshitshi said a 27-year-old suspect had been arrested shortly after he robbed a couple who had given him a lift from Airport Industria to Nyanga.

“When the driver stopped for the suspect to get out of the vehicle in Ntlangano Crescent, the suspect pointed at the couple with a firearm and demanded cash and cellphones.

“The couple complied with his demands and the suspect walked away.

“A police van which was on patrol in the vicinity was approached by the complainant who told them about the robbery.

“The suspect was arrested shortly afterward, not far from the vicinity with the couple’s belongings,” she said, applauding the officers for their swift action.

She encouraged the residents to report incidents of crime and to work hand-in-hand with police officers to help them solve cases.

Resident Nonyameko Sibeko applauded the work of police officers, but echoed the sentiment that police officers needed the community to rally behind rather than being expected to fight crime alone.

Ms Sibeko said Nyanga was one of the most unsafe areas in the province and more resources should be deployed in the area. And she believed that if the community informed police officers about criminals in the area rather than protecting them, they would see a decrease in crime.

Dumisani Qwebe of the Nyanga Community Policing Forum (CPF) said the forum and station management had set targets in place to reduce crime in the area and that their efforts were yielding the desired outcomes.

He said their mission was simply to reclaim the streets of Nyanga and make it a safer place to live.

He said they wanted potential investors to invest in Nyanga and create job opportunities.

He added that this year so far, they have only recorded two murders.