Nyanga mom gets gift of hope and a new home

Bukiwe Mbanga welcoming Thandi Makasi and Elizabeth Quarm at her newly built home.

An unemployed Nyanga mother who once lived in what she described as “a home of rodents” said she was overwhelmed with joy – and looking forward to a good night’s sleep – in her new home built for her by a non-profit organisation

The good deed, initiated by Hope for Africa Generation, saw workers dedicating three weeks to building a house for Bukiwe Mbanga and her six children in Hlazo Village, Nyanga.

The fully-furnished house, with two bedrooms, a lounge, kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, new beds, a TV and built-in cupboards was handed over to Ms Mbanga last Thursday.

Speaking to Vukani, she described where she had previously lived as a home of rodents. “It was falling apart and I was sick,” she said.

“As an unemployed mother, I could not do a thing about it until a good Samaritan saw my struggle. She came with these people that today I call family. I am so grateful to them because I would have been out in the cold by now,” she said.

She said she will enjoy a good sleep and be able to watch the news on television.

Ms Mbangwa said she had spent time in hospital after giving birth to her last-born. Since the death of her parents, her two brothers tried to help her, she said, but it was not always enough.

“They have tried but they also have their own families to look after. But I am glad that I have this new family, Hope for Africa Generation.

“When they first came here they brought food hampers and many other things. Since then they never looked back and built this home for my children. I am truly grateful to them. They have promised to teach me some skills so that I can sustain myself and I am ready for the day,” she said.

One of Ms Mbanga’ brothers, Mozilisi Mbanga said he was overwhelmed with emotion as he hailed volunteers for looking after her sister.

“I remember trying to fix her falling house with no one here helping. It was an experience that I would not wish for anyone,” he said.

“Had you seen this house before, you would have cried. These guys took their time off and gave full support to my sister. This is wonderful.”

Hope for Africa Generation chief executive officer Elizabeth Quarm said decided to help out after being alerted to Ms Mbanga’s plight by a friend.

“We came here in August. When we saw the appalling conditions, we decided to follow our slogan. We are a group of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. That is what we stand for.

“I also come from a poor background. I know hardship. As this group we want to give hope to people who have lost hope. Our main aim is to fight crime by training people with different skills. When there is no food, people start robbing and doing crime. She is now part of us and people that we want to train so she can have a small business for herself,” she said.

The organisation’s secretary Felix Anzah Andong said the conditions the Mbangwa family had lived in was inhumane.

“Thanks to this community for allowing us to enter their space. We hope Bukiwe will enjoy life beyond this. This has been a very good project.Our biggest dream is to help a lot of people. We want to train young people skills. Our core aim is to see people happy,” he said.

Hope for Africa Generation members Elizabeth Quarm and Felix Azah Andong are now more than a family with Bukiwe Mbanga.
Family members and community came to congratulate Bukiwe Mbanga on her new home.