Ntsodo vows to improve service delivery

Councillor Anda Ntsodo dirtied his hands just after the meeting with residents of Site B.

Mayoral committee for area east, Anda Ntsodo has promised residents of Khayelitsha improved service delivery.

Marking the roll-out of the newly established Organisational Development and Transformation Plan (ODTP) in the area, Mr Ntsodo said residents of all the areas deserve better general improved services in all the areas.

Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille said the ODTP service delivery model aims to modernise government and reverse the legacy of apartheid spatial planning, among others, by decentralising delivery in order to be more efficient.

She also announced “mini mayors” who ensure that they touch base with the communities. Mr Ntsodo is among those mini mayors. On Tuesday March 28, he spoke with confidence as he promised scores of people at the Andile Msizi Hall in Site B, improved services. He mainly touched on issues relating to job creation, better recreational facilities, economic development, the Expanded Public Works Programmes (EPWP) and the database they draw from for job creation projects. “We are bringing service delivery to people. We need economic and social development to happen here. We aim to create job opportunities so to reduce crime.

“With this programme we are starting things new. We want to do away with all apartheid systems where people stay far from their work or town. We are correcting the wrongs of the past,” he told Vukani. He added that the people should understand that government is responsible for many more things than houses.

He emphasised that recreational facilities should be part of any development. He told the people that the City is now divided into four areas, which will each see a councillor in charge. He said his work would be to coordinate all sub-councils in his area and work with them to deliver services to people.

People raised questions and concerns with most residents expressing concern about false promises made to them. They indicated that housing is a huge problem. Resident Lulama Ngxilana called on the mini mayor to make sure that the EPWP is run by the City. She said the programme benefit few. “It does not get us anywhere. It should be run from the mayor’s office. Also the database system is befitting few friends and family members of those who run it,” she said to applaude from the crowd.

Mr Ntsodo said there has been many complaints regarding the EPWP. “We had many complaints about it. It will soon be controlled by the mayor’s office. We want to create more jobs with it. The budget is to be announced that will be added to the funds of the EPWP,” he said.

Local councillor Luleka Jali urged people to use the chance to ask questions from all the departments represented there.

She said it was good that service delivery was brought to people. Mr Ntsodo finished his programme by going house to house, engaging people and answering questions in Site B.