NPO supports primary schools

Sobambisana Primary School pupils happy after receiving their parcels.

One hundred pupils from Sobambisana and Sakumlandela primary schools in Khayelitsha received health packs from Melela4Children on Saturday November 25.

The NPO, which tutors pupils from Grade 4 to 6 in English and mathematics, also said it would start Saturday classes for pupils of both schools next year.

The organisation’s chief executive Thabiso Maphanga said it was important for them to continue with their health campaign but more importantly the focus should be on academics and extracurricular activities such as chess.

Mr Maphanga said for them to make a difference, parents and teachers must buy into the dream.

“We want to address the root cause of poverty and crime but the main goal is to ensure that these kids get a proper education, good healthcare and proper school uniform. We want to reduce crime and continue tutoring maths and English on weekends. Our wish is that something like Covid doesn’t happen again. In 2020 it came and disrupted the programme,” he said.

Sobambisana Primary School principal Mvuyisi Damba was happy that the organisation was in operation again after the Covid-19 pandemic halted their work.

Mr Damba said what makes him more happy is that some of the volunteers are past pupils of his school.

“By investing in youth we want a better future for them. We need to have good citizens. We will start in a different gear next year. We are happy to be surrounded by professionals who want to develop these children.”

Lona Booi, Sakumlandela assistant teacher who spoke on behalf of her principal, praised the organisation for their work in empowering pupils. “We should be grateful for what they are doing for our children. We all know that without uniforms, food and proper healthcare, it is hard for children to be at school or perform tasks comfortably,” she said.

Sobambisana dance group entertained the audience.
Sakumlandela Primary School pupils also benefited from the Melela4children donation.