Noxolo Xauka Primary teachers robbed at gunpoint

Teachers at Noxolo Xauka Primary School were held at gunpoint last week.

Staff at Noxolo Xauka Primary School in Makhaza are traumatised after they were held at gunpoint and robbed.

Two gun-wielding criminals entered the school on Tuesday May 30 and managed to steal a microwave, two computer monitors, and three cellphones before fleeing.

The incident has raised concerns about the school’s security measures and sparked a broader discussion about crime in the area.

One staff member, who wanted to remain anonymous due to safety concerns, shared the challenges they have faced since the incident occurred.

Visibly shaken, the teacher said she was grateful that no one was harmed even though teachers remain traumatised.

“We hope and pray that this is the last time something like this happens. We cannot teach in such an abnormal environment. Teachers and kids should not be subjected to such a trauma.”

Bronagh Hammond, spokesperson for the Western Cape Education Department (WCED), confirmed the incident and condemned it.

She said her department will give necessary support to the school’s staff, especially those affected.

“The principal and the staff members will be receiving counselling support via our Employee Wellness programme. We are thankful that no physical injuries were reported. However, our thoughts and support are with the colleagues who had to endure such a traumatic experience.”

She said her department hopes that the perpetrators will be apprehended. The department will also engage with the school on their security measures.

A Makhaza resident and a parent, who also wanted to remain anonymous as he feared for his safety, said crime in the area is a problem. He said there are challenges in the area and some need the community to stand up. “I think as a community we are failing. We are failing our school and the children. We have to rise up against crime in the area. People are robbed on the streets and now at schools. Soon we will be without teachers here,” he said.

However, he said it was a relief that no one was not harmed. He called on the community to work with the school’s security to protect their children and the teachers.

Western Cape police spokesperson Captain Nowonga Sukwana, confirmed that Harare police station is investigating the case of a business robbery.

Captain Sukwana said no arrests have been made as yet.

She urged anyone with information to contact Crime Stop at 08600 10111.