No more dusty chalkboards for Siyazingisa

School principal Noludwe Nonkonyana expressed her sincere appreciation to the donors.

Gone are the days when teachers at Siyazingisa Primary School, in Gugulethu, had to use a chalkboard to teach their pupils.

The school has had hi-tech whiteboards installed by a leading petroleum producer.

The smart and interactive whiteboards, including a projector and 12 classrooms equipped with wi-fi, were handed to the school by PetroSA on Tuesday December 5.

The company also extended the school’s administration block, built a sick bay and added a storeroom.

The smart classrooms, which were completed last month, are part of the company’s R1 million investment initiative.

Parents, teachers and pupils gathered at the school to witness how the whiteboards worked.

PetroSA acting group CEO, Kholekile Zono, said they wanted to ensure that the doors of learning were opened to every child.

He said it was their vision to ensure that impoverished communities had quality educational facilities. Mr Zono said they hoped to create an environment that would enable children to be resilient and urged them to turn their dreams into reality.

Prior to the handover, he said the entire school had to use and share 24 computers which made it difficult for teachers to work.

Mr Zone said there was a general misconception that black schools did not have the capability to take care of their facilities. He hoped that the school would take care of the new facility.

He said the company wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the development and betterment of township schools.

He said their contribution was a drop in the ocean. He urged the pupils to persevere and not allow their challenges to demotivate them.

“Smart classrooms enable interactivity and multi-faceted learning to all the pupils in every classroom thereby enriching the learning experience. We are committed to upgrading schools in previously disadvantaged communities and improving the educational facilities. We want a black child to be afforded a chance in life to attain their dreams,” he said.

Mr Zono said they were honoured to partner with the provincial department in making a difference in the lives of township pupils. He said these interactive boards would boost the learning experience of the pupils and would also advance the development of the pupils.

Principal Noludwe Nonkonyana said that technology would make a significant contribution towards learning at the school.

“As far as technology is concerned, the pupils will be able to do research right in the class. Pupils will now be able to search for video materials and other information on the internet to aid teaching and learning,” she said.

Ms Nonkonyana said prior to the donation of smart classrooms, the company gave them a computer lab and they thought that was the end. Central Educational District director, Sonette Nowes, said every pupil had the right to receive a quality education.

She said the government spends most of its budget on education but it was not enough. Ms Nowes said as the department they were glad there were companies lending a helping hand and that makes their job easier.