NGO donates uniforms to pupils

Joy was written all over the faces of the beneficiaries as Bambanani For Social Development donated school uniforms to them.

Crossroads-based organisation, Bambanani For Social Development, spread the spirit of Ubuntu by giving out school uniforms last Friday.

The organisation plans to donate 30 uniforms to needy children in and around Crossroads as they believe school uniforms help to foster a sense of belonging, pride and self-esteem.

The organisation’s community developer, Thabisa Makhosana said many families had been hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and its resultant lockdowns and restrictions which only came to an end when the the National State of Disaster was lifted last week.

Ms Makhosana said as an organisation which understood the challenges that township parents faced, they wanted to find a way to help their community.

She indicated that when children’s basic school needs were not met, children’s self-esteem could be negatively affected or they could become demotivated about attending school.

Bambanani For Social Development Organisation community developer, Thabisa Makhosana said their mission was to empower the community.

She said the beginning of the academic year posed yet another mammoth challenge for these families who had to buy school uniforms for their children but could not afford them.

“We know that this may be a drop in the ocean but we felt that we need to do something (to help shape) the lives of these children. Education is the key and is the only way that could change your life for the better. We want to preach a spirit of caring so that these children could understand that there are people who care about their wellbeing.

“As a pupil you look good when you feel good and school uniforms provide that. You know that children sometimes could be cruel towards each other when one is wearing a torn apart uniform,” she said.

Ms Makhosana said as part of their programmes, they provide parenting skills, support around teenage pregnancy and drug awareness campaigns.

Parent, Nosakhe Jambase said she was very grateful for the donation as times were tough and the the support was much-needed.

Another parent, Lubabalo Myekeni, said he had no words to express how delighted and grateful he was for the support being shown by the organisation and urged them to continue doing their sterling work.