New track from Site C’s Nosty The Boss

Nosty The Boss is determined to make it in the music industry

It’s not easy to be a female hip hop artist in a male-dominated industry and women have to constantly prove themselves to their peers.

These are the words of Nosibusiso Matanjana, known as Nosty The Boss, an upcoming hip hop artist based in Site C. The 25 -year-old released her latest single titled Dreamland last week.

The softly spoken and humble young woman says the song was inspired by the love she is receiving from her family, loved ones and music lovers.

Talking about creative process, she says in many cases she writes songs or hip hop lyrical content from her own experience or based on how she feels about that particular subject.

But like many other artists, her songs are also influenced by what is happening in her community and country.

“I want my songs to inspire and motivate anyone who is listening to it. I pen my songs on how I feel and what message I want to get across. I make music that heals souls,” she told Vukani.

“My musical journey has been filled with difficulty and struggles, but I’m grateful that I’m still standing. I live and breathe music. This is my passion and I will make it,” she said.

Talking about the challenges she has faced, she said as a woman, she has experienced producers and artists trying to take advantage of her.

She added that people doubted her abilities while others thought she was a lame hip hop artist. This, she said, forced her to double her efforts so that she could prove her doubters wrong.

On many occasions she says she wanted to quit because she felt that the pressure and the negativity around her was too much.

She also faced resistance from her mother who wasn’t happy that her daughter wanted to make music.

Nosty The Boss is fearless and ready to conquer the music world

The first time she recorded a song, she said, was in 2017 – and that was when she knew she had chosen the right path for herself.

Nosty is determined to make it in the music industry, but more importantly, she said, she wanted to use her passion for music to help provide a better life for her family.