New school gear for Ludwe pupils

Proud children, teachers, donors and members of the community showing off the work by a non-profit organisation, African Leadership at Ludwe Ngamlana Primary School in Kuyasa.

Following numerous visits to Ludwe Ngamlana Primary School in Kuyasa, African Leadership has decided to donate school uniforms and shoes to more than 30 underprivileged pupils.

On Thursday March 2, the 30 pupils received new school uniforms from the organisation.

Looking happy, the pupils stood proudly with their new socks, shoes and uniforms and thanked the donors.

The school’s principal, Noloyiso Mtimba-Dube, said many children from the area were disadvantaged.

She said the high rate of unemployment in the community made it difficult for parents to buy their children school uniforms.

Ms Mtimba-Dube, thanked African Leadership for always looking after her school.

“This will make a big change in the children’s lives – and (those of) their parents for that matter. It will make them feel part of the school. We’ve got many children who are from destitute families.

“Giving these children uniforms brings back their human dignity. These children will now become equal to other pupils. The happiness in their eyes cannot be compared to anything. They are truly happy,” she said.

Young Huem Ohm, the leader and founder of African Leadership, said his organisation felt that primary school education was more important than high school because it was the foundation of children’s learning. It therefore had to be nurtured with care.

He said pupils’ progress and early development during their primary schooling could have a huge influence on the child’s life in the future.

“We give after-school classes in many areas like Site C, Thabo Mbeki and many others because we believe in children’s development. We want to offer what we can to see children growing up to be good parents.

“We are happy to have dedicated staff and schools. These uniforms will benefit children greatly. We also appeal to people who can afford to make donations to schools,” he said.

Mr Ohm promised to provide more assistance to young children at schools because he believed that government alone was not able to deliver everything that was required.