New business forum aims to connect and assist entrepreneurs

Langa business people packed the Langa hall to form the much needed business forum.

The Langa Business Forum, which was launched a fortnight ago, has vowed to fight to empower small, marginalised businesses and youths in the area.

The newly formed group has also promised to share the area’s current and past experiences in transforming the township economy and society for the general improvement of the lives of the majority of Langa residents.

Chairperson Mongezi Mdunyelwa said the aim is to develop Langa. He said currently Langa is experiencing a huge economic boom but lacks skills. He said Langa is now 100 years old but there is nothing proper that one can be proud of.

“Langa is an old township but you cannot tell that. New townships like Khayelitsha are better developed than Langa. We have seen businesses and companies coming and going but left people without skills and development. Our aim is to skill Langa residents. We want to change the narrative in this forum,” he said.

He said they are hoping to build and improve infrastructure in all areas so that they can accelerate the township’s economic potential. “Businesses that came failed to invest in skills and monetary values. We formed this forum for that reason and others. We also want people who want to donate in Langa to use us. We have tourists coming in and out of Langa but I doubt that they are seeing the true reflection of Langa. We have to all come together to develop Langa so that even tourists can see that we are improving in many life aspects,” said Mdunyelwa.

Treasurer of the forum Athi Tikipeni said she was delighted to finally have a business forum in Langa. She said the forum will have to face the challenges but should strive to create and open up new opportunities and doors for businesses.

“This will also help to register all the business people, even those who want to be formally registered. Most businesses do not know how to register. On that note, we had started to help them to show them how to do that. We are happy that most businesses received help. This is what we should strive for, to have businesses that are registered,” she said.

She also called on all the up-and-coming young business people to be part of the forum.

The full executive members are chairperson Mongezi Mdunyelwa, his deputy Bongiwe Mgweba, secretary Zodwa Kama, deputy secretary Ndileka Madyosi, treasurer Athi Tikipeni and the organiser is Xolile Magwaca.

The committee members getting a talking to from the people.
Athi Tikipeni, the treasurer, addressing the forum.