New app to make research easier

JP Smith showing children hiw PressReader works.

PressReader, an educational app designed to give pupils and teachers access to newspapers and magazines, was launched at the Kuyasa library, on Thursday February 22.

The digital app which is compatible with smartphones, tablets or laptops, hosts more than
7 400 publishers from more than 100 countries, including 220 South African publications. It also translates content into 17 languages, while the audio feature allows users to listen to articles on the go.

The app allows library users to download their favourite publications onto their personal gadgets, for free, to read at their leisure. It would also enable pupils to conduct research and school projects without having to wait for libraries to open.

During the launch, which was attended by Mayco member for safety and security; and social services, JP Smith, pupils from different schools around Khayelitsha started to explore the app’s offerings.

“This is a place where you can get work. You will find everything you want from this app,” he said.

“Reading is exercise for the brain. The more widely we read and the more varied the input, the better informed we are and our horizons are expanded. Reading widely aids our development and improves our knowledge of the world around us.”

Head of library and information services in Khayelitsha, Jacqueline Kwezi, applauded the new development.

“They will not have to wait for the library to open. They will get on with the business at hand. It will be vital for them for their school projects. We are bringing information to them,” she said.

Pupil Anathi Dlepu said while she was delighted to have the app, she was concerned about how much data it would use when she didn’t have access to the wi-fi at the library.

“It will help with assignments and projects. I cannot wait to start using it. From what I saw, this app is helpful to all of us including our parents,” she said.