Neighbours fight over structure

Tonia Nikani lives in fear of her neighbour, who allegedly beat her after an argument over the building of this stand.

A Khwezi Park woman says she’s terrified after a neighbour came into her home and beat her with an iron rod.

The 48-year-old Tonia Nikani filed a complaint with Khayelitsha police station on Monday November 2, alleging that her neighbour had harassed her and then assaulted her with an iron rod on Friday October 30.

She told Vukani that she was at a fruit stand on the day of the assault when her neighbour came to ask who had given her the right to build a fruit stand on municipal land.

The structure at the heart of the dispute.

But she told him to leave and other people who were with her also responded with gestures to go away.

“Later that day I was home when I was told he was looking for me. He shouted and told me to come out so he can show me something.

When I was about to attend to him my daughter stopped me. I am not sure what happened but I was out and he assaulted me with an iron rod,” she claimed.

The woman’s children also came outside and tried to stop the accused from assaulting their mother who suffered bruised injuries on the thighs.

Police said the accused was due to appear in court on Wednesday December 2.

The accused has also opened a defamation case against Ms

Nikani’s daughter who published a post about the incident, in which she named him, on Facebook.

Khayelitsha police communication officer, Constable Lowellan West, said the suspect signed a warning and the cases will be heard on the same day.

Vukani has not published the name of the accused as we were unable to reach him to give him the opportunity to respond to the allegations.