Move out of comfort zone

Thembalethu Qolo, Nyanga

Most people fail to realise their full potential because they are too comfortable in their current situation.

They lack creativity and innovative minds. They are not up for change. Because they have touched the boundary walls they believe that is it.

At times there is a call to push even harder if you are unemployed or you are a graduate.

No one will create employment or opportunities for you. You must use the skills or talent you have to make something up so you can be able to make a living. That is the kind of mentality young South Africans need to adopt.

Most youngsters need to learn that short cuts are always easy, but at times they lack integrity. Don’t be tempted to do the wrong things. Find proper ways of making money. Don’t use short cuts as they are often costly.

Recently, I met a young girl named Lerato from Langa. She won a Commonwealth award for being a young innovative person. She was recognised because she came up with a strategy to turn “dangerous corners” around Langa into positive spaces.

She is now making a living out of that. Most people thought her idea was completely insane.

Creative ideas are available everywhere but people are simply failing to look harder.

They are more comfortable with cheap shots and that is not good for them or society.

A simple question was asked: “Would you rather be in prison or hospital and explain why”.

Many were confused between the two. But the simplest thing to do was to remove the box or limitation of being in prison from being a prisoner to being a financial manager at the prison and from being a patient to being a doctor in the hospital.

It’s the boundaries that we mentally and physically create for ourselves that limit us and create comfort.

Boats are quite comfortable at the harbour but no boat is made to stay in the harbour. Dream it, believe it and act on it.