Mom of triplets expresses gratitude

The triplets, from left, Iyazi is carried by his sister Kungawe, 9, mother Neziswa carries Izibele and Kubobonke, 4, is holding Emile.

From Pretoria to Cape Town, South Africans have opened their hearts and wallets to the Mbovane family who have a set of triplets.

The family now also have a shack in the newly formed Covid-19 informal settlement in Mfuleni. When Neziswa Mbovane made a call to Vukani a fortnight ago, she never anticipated the quick outpouring of help from near and afar.

The 7-month-old triplets, Iyazi, Izibele and Emile, have two older siblings, Kungawe, 9, and Kubobonke, 4.

The family received a number of donations including clothes, food parcels and even a pram.

Some people who wanted to remain anonymous pledged money.

The family also received 20 litres of paraffin for fuel to keep warm this winter.

Ms Mbovane said her initial aim was getting food for her children because she could not cope with feeding them, but pledges have been pouring in.

“I’m lost for words. This is unexplainable. People have been really generous. I am getting help from people I do not know. It is a shock to me that we still have people who care for others.

When I made a call to you (Vukani) I had no idea what was going to happen. Thanks to the newspaper too. You have done good by me. The amount of support people showed is just unbelievable,” she told Vukani after receiving a delivery of clothes and food from a group of friends from Mfuleni.

The group said they were touched by her story.

Khululwa Nkwenkwezi from Malibu said she was proud of her friends for clubbing together for her.

“Her story was touching. I am a parent too. I believe no human being should enjoy eating while others are going to bed with empty stomachs. There are kids in the whole story. They should grow up and be moulded to be good citizens. Ubuntu goes a long way. “

Another Mfuleni resident who together with her friends collected food and clothes, Sikki Nqwili, applauded all those who donated to the family.

“How is she coping was my question when I saw the story. I am lucky to have friends who are not only good at heart but very helpful to others. What we brought is not enough. We will try to do more.

“I give thanks to Mandisa Mbhele and Thembelani Ginini. They have done a lot and they are still collecting. We might be back here again,” she said before trying to test herself handling the triplets.

Among the donors was DA member of parliament Masizole Mnqasela who took time off his busy schedule and brought food parcels.

Ms Mbovane told Vukani that her husband, Sakhiwo, was doing all he could to support them but since the national coronavirus lockdown had started, jobs had dried up.

Anyone with help can contact Ms Mbovane on 060 557 9122 or Mr Mbovane on 064 091 2677.