Men urged to denounce violence

Community members in a full song at the gender based violence awareness talk, in Khayelitsha.

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) says ending violence against women and children requires strong men to take a stand against the scourge.

On Wednesday November 29, hundreds of people, police officers among them, gathered at the Salvation Church Hall, in Makhaza, to speak out against the abuse of women and children.

Popcru president Bonny Morekwa said violence was a major challenge for the police and that for government to be successful in its efforts to clamp down on gender-based violence, men should rise up.

“Violence has become a challenge. The Western Cape has been the centre of attention. Just recently, not far from here, a woman was shot by her ex-boyfriend in Nyanga,” he said.

“The scourge of gender-based violence must come to an end. Men need to take a stand.

“Men need to attend these type of gatherings. Men and women need to preach human rights.”

Ms Morekwa called on the community to work with police to come up with solutions. She also urged men who were abused, to report this to police.

“Police need to endeavour to establish a healthy working relationship with the community,” she said.

“Men also need to come forward and report such cases. It is not only women that are abused but men too.”

Makhaya resident Nolufefe Bangani said everyone lived in fear and she believed the community should play an active role in eliminating crime and fear from society. “It seems no one is safe these days. There is domestic violence, killings, rape and other social ills. One hopes that the community can come together to fight the scourge of crime,” she said.

Ms Bangani said violent crime was prevalent in the townships and thanked police for their efforts and for raising awareness in the area.

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