Men stand up for family values


A group of men known as Men With Purpose say they are deeply disturbed by the increasingly strained relationships among families and the increase in the number of murders and rapes perpetrated by men.

The organisation aims to instil discipline among men by urging them to become leaders in society.

The movement is made up of men from different communities and churches.

When the group met at the Pentecost Church, in Khayelitsha, on Saturday May 28 to discuss issues involving men, among those in attendance were businessmen, church leaders and your everyday man.

It covered a range of topics from marriage to becoming a good partner, parent and a preacher to those who are in Christ.

Speakers urged the delegates to always solve their differences amicably.

The organisation’s founder, Pastor Charles Nakanie, told Vukani that a year ago the men of God raised their concerns about the high number of rapes, murders and other crimes being perpetrated by men, as well as the level of substance abuse among men.

He said they then decided to form an organisation that would talk directly to men.

Mr Nakanie said when the idea came to him, he shared it with other members who were happy to buy into the idea.

“This is all about men. We want men to be good fathers, parents, leaders and preachers. We feel for one to be a good preacher, he needs to start leading by example at home. One must be a well restored man to be able to handle things in a positive way,” he said.

He said in the year since the organisation was first launched, it has visited not only churches but prisons as well.

“What we have seen in our jails was striking. Eighty two percent of men in prison are men with absent fathers. Unfortunately, that is a reality that we are faced with. Tell me, what happened to those fathers? This is exactly what we want to deal with. We need men to change their way of doing things. This is to say to men, please change and become real parents,” he said.

He said the members of the group are planning to hold a “massive” meeting, inviting men from across the province to address issues relating to divorce, woman and child abuse, among other things. So far, he said, they have been to the West Coast and are planning to visit other areas around the province.

Pastor Llewellyn van Wyk said the sessions they held in other parts of the province had been helpful to many people, and had been well received.

“The last meeting we had on the West Coast was marvellous. Men came in their numbers to testify. This is something we should continue to do. Men need to really come together and discuss their shortfalls.

“As men, let us take the leadership role at home first before we become good preachers of the word of God,” he said.

The host of Saturday’s event, Pastor Cameron Sikrweqe, added that the organisation “is pulling men from all walks of life”.

“It is diverse and motivational to men. This will help people to impart skills and enrich men. But what I like more about it is that it is barrier-breaking,” he said.

The organisation said it is looking to organise more meetings.

For more information, you can contact Pastor Nakanie on 083 279 9273 or email: