MEC reads to promote literacy at schools


Parents are being urged to inspire and guide children to read. On Wednesday February 24, education MEC Debbie Schäffer joined Nal’ibali, a national reading for enjoyment campaign, and spent some time inspiring children and their teachers at Bonga Primary School, in Gugulethu, by reading for them.

She read in isiXhosa to children as part of the World Read Aloud Day.

Describing herself as MaRadebe, Ms Schaffer told the excited pupils if they wanted to succeed in life they needed to start reading from a young age.

She said she hoped parents could be involved in their children’s education by reading to them or if they cannot read, they should encourage them to read. She said literacy was a major problem in the province and invited parents to be involved.

“Parents’ involvement is essential. Some may not feel confident because of the level of their education but they can be involved by encouraging pupils to read. We urge them to be more involved and guide their children. We have a problem of literacy in the province. By reading we will improve the literacy of our children,” she said.

Ms Schafer also advised children not to abandon their books but to read more. She said reading would improve their level of understanding, while building their confidence.“Even if you read for 10 minutes every day, that will help. It will improve your reading and knowledge. Everyone needs to read. Literacy is one of our weakness, so I urge you to read, and read more,” she pleaded with the pupils. She asked them to read before going to school in the morning.

School principal Ayanda Ncinane expressed gratitude and happiness that the MEC chose his school to read for the pupils. He confessed that the school’s results have not been good. “That is why we initiated the relationship between us and Nal’ibali. We felt we needed to do something. But there is light at the end of the tunnel now that we have involved them,” he said.

Literacy mentor at the school, Thando Mkoyi encouraged everyone to collect Nal’bali’s supplements. He called on people to help them spread the gospel of reading.

Mr Mkoyi said the importance of reading is the development of children. Children also took the stage to show the MEC their reading abilities. They read stories in different languages. The Nal’ibali team also taught them to make story books of their own.

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