Mayor makes a splash in Khayelitsha

Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis leaps into the Khayelitsha swimming pool with lifeguards, from left, Unathi Baliso, Thembelihle Jidane and Grandis Haupt.

Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis took a dip in the Khayelitsha public swimming pool last Tuesday, declaring it ready for summer.

“I am checking public pools across the city to make sure they are ready for you,” said Mr Hill-Lewis after joining lifeguards Grandis Haupt, Unathi Baliso and Thembelihle Jidane in the pool for a swim.

“The schools are about to break out. The families are coming out to enjoy themselves. We have a beautiful place with a big grass area for picnics for families to enjoy. There’s a paddling pool for kids. We are ready across the city. They must have a great time in our public pools this summer.”

The mayor said the City was in the final stretch of getting its facilities summer-ready.

“We want our people and visitors to be safe in our city this summer,” he said.

According to the pool’s plant manager David Foslara, the amenity attracts thousands of visitors every year who are eager to cool off and relax, and now that schools are closed, the number of visitors is expected to shoot up.

“The numbers are going to be crazy. We face big numbers every year, especially this time of the year. But we always manage to contain such numbers. We have dedicated staff that is always helping where it can.”

Mr Jidane said they were ready for the crowds, and the pool was the perfect place for families to cool down on a hot summer’s day.

“Our residents can safely enjoy their time here. We have all it takes to protect and guard them. As lifeguards, we are here for them.”

Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis shows off his backstroke.