Matriculants urged to chase their dreams

The class of 2022 were urged to dream big.

Words of wisdom and encouragement reverberated through the walls of Revelation The Spiritual Home when it hosted a celebration for matriculants who excelled in their final year and are looking to begin their studies at institutions of higher learning.

Esteemed guests and former pupils shared emotional and inspiring stories on Saturday February 11 to prepare the students for success.

These young people were told that an investment in knowledge and education was important.

The church, which preaches the importance of embracing our cultural beliefs and traditions, has hosted the event for the last three years.

They want to create a platform where they can shape the youth and plough back to the community they serve.

Church representative, Nkululeko Mfecane, said this programme was conceptualised by the youth of the church as means of playing a positive role in empowering their peers within the structures of the church.

He said they have selected three top pupils who performed exceptionally well and will give them laptops and stationery as a way of assisting them in their studies.

Mr Mfecane said the role of this church is not only to encourage its congregation to embrace their true African spirit but their key mission is to be an embodiment of how a church should be in a community.

They also have a lab and a library on their premises in an effort to ensure that a child in the black township is afforded a decent opportunity to further their studies.

“We want to encourage these young people that education is the key. “We are living in difficult times where unemployment and crime rate is skyrocketing and in order to derail the youth from criminal elements we must make education fashionable.

“Our aim is to ensure that we are not just people talking about African beliefs and the spirit of Ubuntu but we must show that through our actions.

“We want to build young people who appreciate and embrace their identities and culture whilst we are preaching education on the other hand,” he said.

He said if they had a massive financial muscle they would give each student an educational tool.

Mr Mfecane said they also grabbed this opportunity to tell those who did not do well that it is not the end of the road they could still fix their mistakes and march on.

He said when they started with this event three years ago they were sceptical, however seeing how it has grown shows that they have really moulded these young people of the church into becoming critical thinkers who have the ability to lead.

Former COSAT principal, Phadiela Cooper, urged the matriculants to always choose education above everything else.

She described the current generation as intelligent people who have the ability to become anything in life they want to be.

To the class of 2022 and those who met and exceeded the expectations, she said well done.

Founder and director of Weentokazi, Avumile Majola urged them to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

She also grabbed the opportunity to warn parents that they should not live their dreams through their children and let them choose their own courses that they would like to study.

Social worker, Thobeka Mbokazi urged young girls to put dating aside and focus on themselves and their careers. She urged boys as well not to be party animals and know that their future lies in their hands.

Sinazo Ngwenze was of the top three matriculants who were selected by the event organisers who passed their Grade 12 exceptionally well.
Current Grade 12 pupils were left motivated and eager to do well.