Making a mark for change

On Monday November 1, South Africans went to the polls to vote for their local government representatives. Vukani was there to capture the scenes as people lined up to vote around the city’s townships, many of them hoping their mark would contribute to making a change and improving service delivery in the areas they live in.

EFF members sang and danced in the rain as they waited to vote on Monday.
EFF members in Endlovini informal settlement made their voices heard
ANC members sang as they urged voters to vote for their party
Rain and cold weather did very little to dampen the spirit of ANC party agents in Endlovini informal settlement.
Voters braved cold weather to vote in the local government election.
A staunch EFF supporter Melikhaya Peter said he was there to ensure his party wins
ANC members sang songs as they kept themselves motivated during the local government elections
EFF members in Gugulethu were in high spirits.
A DA party agent in Gugulethu takes shelter from the rain.
ANC party agents in Harare were ready to serve their members.