Magnet Ikumkani YoMaskandi unleashes new album

Maskandi artist, Samkelo Kati known as Magnet Ikumkani YoMaskandi is flanked by some local artist who attended his album launch.

Guitars were strummed and ululations reverberated through the Samora Machel when local maskandi artist, Samkelo Kati known as Magnet Ikumkani YoMaskandi officially launched his latest album titled Ixesha lam.

Last Saturday, local artists, dancers and poets gathered in Samora Machel to entertain fans who refused to let the performances stop as they kept calling for more.

Magnet Ikumkani YoMaskandi says he released his first solo album in 2018 when he was still fairly new in the industry.

On this this album, however, he feels he shows growth and a maturity in his sound and lyrical content.

Like many artists, he says, he uses his life experiences when composing his songs, which he feels is a good way of expressing himself. And while his songs may be based on his own experiences, he believes that many challenges we face are common, and so people will be able to relate to them.

Maskandi artist, Samkelo Kati known as Magnet Ikumkani YoMaskandi is pictured with diehard maskandi fan, who only identified herself as Mazizi.

He says it took him about a year to finish this album. “In this album I gave it my all. Maskandi music is a genre that allows me to express myself eloquently.

“This genre has grown in leaps and bounds and one is therefore required to step up whenever one produces an album because the game has changed.

“I’m glad that people loved my album because it means that they appreciate my work because in the end, I’m not doing this music for myself, but for the people who love maskandi music.

“Without the support of our fans, we would not do music so I appreciate their criticism and compliments because they make me grow as an artist and as a person.

“I always do my launch here in Samora because it is where I live and there is no better place to do it than at home.”